Information and Registration

Admission is the first step for getting your driving license, for which you are required to submit the following documents as per RTA rules:

  1. Original Emirates ID
  2. Visa page copy

Upon submission of required documents and after payment of registration fee you will be issued a learners’ permit and RTA handbook, which makes you eligible to start your learning process as a trainee.

  1. Validity of the learners’ permits is 3 months from the date of issuance.
  2. Validity of RTA file is 6 months from the date of opening or from the date of last theory, parking test or road test.
  3. Learners’ permit must be renewed upon expiry in order to avoid any inconvenience (including being marked absent for tests and practical training)

RTA handbook should be duly signed and stamped for any lecture and training attended

Category Road Training(AED) Per Hour 180 Rta Fees(AED) Drive Dubai Fees(AED) Total Fees(AED)
Heavy Truck *Additional fee applicable in case of failure in any test 20 hours 1560 3400 4960
Category Road Training(AED) Per Hour 180 Regular(AED) Friday(AED)
Heavy Truck Lumpsum (3T/10P/10A/10R*) 20 hours 12500 13500
Heavy Truck Lumpsum (3T/7P/7A/7R*) 20 hours 11000 12000
Category Road Training(AED) Per Hour 180 Regular(AED) Friday(AED)
Heavy Truck Lumpsum (3T/4P/4A/4R*) 20 hours 9000 10000

*P-Parking / A-Road assessment / R-Rta Road test


1.Transport Facility Available as per Drive Dubai Approved Routes

2.The above prices includes eye test & excludes the 5% VAT.

3.For further Information you can contact on +971565112197(Oswald) 


Lectures, the second step for getting your driving license and the first step in your learning process.

There are 9 theory lectures made mandatory by RTA to attend before one can start his/her practical training or attend any test, namely:

Key Points:
  1. Theory lectures can be attended remotely through online (e- learning room available at our Head office) and lecture rooms at our head office.
  2. Attendance of all lectures is mandatory
  3. Pay strong attention to all lectures
* Please refer to Media Downloads to view the Lecture Schedules *

Theory Test

Theory Test, the third step in your learning process, as the name suggests this test consist of theory questions based on real life instances and/or road and traffic signs. DriveDubai provides Mock Test, Practice Theory Test Lecture and Set of MCQs for our students to reach fluency in understanding and answering the theory test questions

Key Points:
  1. Total questions asked: 40
  2. Minimum correct answers required to pass: 30
  3. Topics upon which the questions are based: Road user information, Traffic signs, Traffic laws, Fog, Flood, Mobile phone, unacceptable driving behavior, role model behavior, learning to drive, managing risk, road user safety, rules and responsibilities and Hazard perception videos.
  4. To take theory test with DriveDubai (
  5. Or download RTA app RTA Dubai to practice theory test on your smartphones.

A student may advance to practical training after passing theory test

Practical Lessons

Practical Training is the fourth and most vital element of your training process, which consists of practical training sessions conducted by RTA, approved instructors for the number of hours reflected by your driving history.

Key Points:
  1. In practical lessons you will be taught by our instructors about running a machine (vehicle), covering all the aspects to be examined by RTA examiners for the required tests.
  2. Student must attend the training as per the course requirement.(For more clarification and guidance please contact our receptionist.)

Parking Test

Parking test is the fifth step in your leaning process

Key Points:

a.Parking test is taken by RTA examiners

b.In order to appear for the parking test a student must:

  1. Attend all lectures
  2. Pass the theory test
  3. Pay the required fee
  4. Attend the required hours of training.

(For more clarification and guidance please contact our receptionist.)

Assessment Test

Assessment test is the sixth step in your learning process, this test determines whether a student is eligible to appear for the RTA road test or not.

Key Points:
  1. Assessment test is taken by internal examiners.
  2. In order to appear for the assessment test a student must pass the parking test, clear all dues and attend the required hours of training deferring from course to course:

(For more clarification and guidance please contact our receptionist.

Road Test

Road Test is the seventh step in your learning process and the last step before getting your hands on your UAE driving license.

Key Points:

a. Road test will be taken by RTA examiners after completion of training

b. In order to appear for road test the following has to be kept under consideration

  1. All fee paid
  2. All required hours of training taken
  3. All previous test passed
  4. Learning permit must be valid
  5. RTA file must be valid

c. Driving License will be issued upon passing the road test on the same day.

d.Student must carry their original Emirates ID at the time of license issuanc