The Heavy Bus driving license course is designed to prepare students for the RTA driving test to obtain a UAE Driving License in category 6. Upon completion of this course and passing the RTA Road Tests, students will be licensed to drive passenger buses.

To meet the Heavy Bus criterion, the bus must have a capacity of more than 26 passengers. With this comprehensive training, students will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to operate heavy buses safely and efficiently. This course is a great choice for those seeking a career in the transportation industry and offers excellent career opportunities for licensed heavy bus drivers.

Age requirement: 21 years
Documents required:
To complete the RTA file opening for a riding license, the following documents are required:
  1. Original Emirates ID
  2. Eye test report (conducted before RTA file opening). The Drive Dubai head office in DIP offers eye test facilities, or you can obtain the report from any RTA-approved eye test center in Dubai.
Other Emirates Visa holder:
For company sponsorship
  • NOC from the company along with stamp of Dubai branch
  • Valid trade license Dubai branch and of the company where the visa is issued
For individual sponsorship
  • Tenancy contract (Dubai)
  • DEWA Bill
  • Visa copy of the sponsor/NOC of the sponsor
File transfer from other institutes within Dubai or other-emirates:
  1. NOC
  2. Clearance letter from the previous driving institute or driving schools signed and stamped by an authorized signatory.

Category Road Training RTA FEE (AED) Drive Dubai Fee (AED) Regular Night Shift
Single Attempt 20 hours 1540 3,374
5,114  + VAT

5,514 + VAT

5,814 + VAT

Category Road Training Total Fee Night Shift
 3T, 4P, 4A, 4RT
 20 hours  7,600 + VAT
 8,000 + VAT
 8,300 + VAT
10 hours  6,400 + VAT  6,800 + VAT  7,100 + VAT
 3T, 6P, 6A, 6RT
 20 hours
 8,400 + VAT

 8,800 + VAT
9,100 + VAT
 10 hours  7,600 + VAT  8,000 + VAT  8,300 + VAT
 3T, 10P, 10A, 10RT
 20 hours 10,330 + VAT
10,730 + VAT
 11,030 + VAT
 10 hours  9,000 + VAT  9,400 + VAT  9,700 + VAT
Note: T - Theory Test, A - Assessment Test, P - Parking Test, RT - Road Test
Students must attend 8 theory lectures before booking the RTA theory test. The lectures can be attended online in English, Urdu or Arabic. 
Drive Dubai also offers the facility to attend the e-Lectures at our head office in DIP.

•    Lecture 1: Attitude and responsibilities
•    Lecture 2: Traffic rules & regulations
•    Lecture 3: Characteristics of road users
•    Lecture 4: Driver Condition
•    Lecture 5: Driving Environment
•    Lecture 6: Driving on freeways, traffic violations and route planning
•    Lecture 7: Hazards & Emergencies
•    Lecture 8: Traffic accidents, case studies and how to act in an accident
Key Points:
Total questions asked: 40
Minimum correct answers required to pass: 30

How to prepare:
  • You may prepare using our Mock Test facility, available at Drive Dubai head office.
  • Or, download RTA app “RTA Dubai” to practice theory test on your smartphones
  • Attend PTT lecture available at Drive Dubai website
RTA's Remote Interpretation System (RIS)

How to avail the RIS service?
As per RTA guidelines, students have to submit an application for appointing an interpreter in the preferred language at the time of opening RTA file and pay the applicable fees.
Fees: An additional fee of AED 435 is applicable besides the RTA Theory test fees.

Practical Lessons

Practical Training is the fourth and most vital element of your training process, which consists of practical training sessions conducted by approved instructors for the number of hours reflected by your driving history.

Key Points:
  1. In practical lessons you will be taught by our instructors about driving a bus, covering all the aspects to be examined by RTA examiners for the required tests.
  2. Student must attend the training as per the course requirement.(For more clarification and guidance please contact our receptionist.)

Parking Test

Parking test is the fifth step in your leaning process

Key Points:

a.Parking test is taken by RTA examiners

b.In order to appear for the parking test a student must:

  1. Attend all lectures
  2. Pass the theory test
  3. Pay the required fee
  4. Attend the required hours of training

(For more clarification and guidance please contact our receptionist.)

Assessment Test

Assessment test is the sixth step in your learning process, this test determines whether a student is eligible to appear for the RTA road test or not.

Key Points:
  1. Assessment test is taken by internal examiners.
  2. In order to appear for the assessment test a student must pass the parking test, clear all dues and attend the required hours of training deferring from course to course:

(For more clarification and guidance please contact our receptionist.)

Road Test

Road Test is the seventh step in your learning process and the last step before getting your hands on your UAE driving license.

Key Points:

a. Road test will be taken by RTA examiners after completion of training

b. In order to appear for road test the following has to be kept under consideration

  1. All fee paid
  2. All required hours of training taken
  3. All previous test passed
  4. Learning permit must be valid
  5. RTA file must be valid

c. Driving License will be issued upon passing the road test on the same day.

d. Student must carry their original Emirates ID at the time of license issuance